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United Web Host Group is pleased to provide its customers with a trademark registration service for those wishing to expand their investment activities, which will give the mark owner the opportunity to market his services and open agencies in other countries. We also guarantee the registration and protection of your trademark.

What are trademarks?

Trademarks are a mark of the owner of the company, project or establishment that allows him to operate under a distinctive name and logo that expresses the product or nature of the work, The employer shall renew it according to the special laws in your project country in the country where the mark was registered, The renovation also has an extra charge.

Types of Trademarks

• Manufacture mark: A mark placed on the products by the manufacturer for the purpose of informing customers of the origin of the product in order to distinguish its products from similar products.

• Trade mark: This mark is used by the merchant for the purpose of distinguishing the products he sells after buying them from the exporter or wholesaler indicating the source of the sale.

• Service mark: This is the mark used by travel agencies, insurance companies, hotels and other institutions as a logo or a trade address, where such a mark is placed on the clothes of workers of these institutions or correspondence papers for the purpose of indicating the type of services.

• Collective Marks: A mark registered in the name of its owner, whether a service mark, a mark of manufacture, or a trade mark, and it is exploited by other persons, but it is complied with by a particular system by its primary owner and according to certain conditions.

Trademark protection

Trademarks can be protected by placing the application in the Trademark Office, There are also fees that you must pay in the Trademark Authority in accordance with the terms of your country.

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If I want to export to other countries, is it necessary to register my trademarks in those countries??

The law provides for the protection of your trademark within the country where the trademark is registered only, If you... more

Can members of the non-owner of the brand take advantage of them??

Yes, the owner of the trademark may allow others to use his trademark and license, The owner of the mark... more

Is it possible to register a trademark that is verbatim similar to another trademark already registered and used??

If the Trademark Registration Office receives a request to register a mark that is similar to a verbatim mark but... more

Is it possible not to use the mark despite having it??

Once the trademark has been registered, the owner must immediately use it, otherwise it will be removed by the Trademark... more

Can I register my personal name as a trademark??

Of course, this can be provided that it is a distinguished name and not similar to the name of other... more

Is the company’s activity official, how do we check it out ??

The company is registered and operates officially and our headquarters are Turkey – Istanbul and the transfer is done through... more

Why is United Web Host the best choice??

United Web Host Group is one of the best companies in the design of websites in terms of ease and... more

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There is no need to worry about the security of your data, We have the necessary capabilities to protect your... more

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