Mobile applications We make your communication with your customers easier at any time and from anywhere by creating your own application and interacting with your audience.

Mobile applications

We do an interactive design work that enables you to communicate with customers through iPhone or Android mobile applications and allows them to enjoy browsing your application which includes all the services, in addition to being simple in size and reflecting the excellence of your customers and your audience who follow you from all over the world. The team is fully supported at any time and consulted in every way to help you advance your success in your application.

Design and development of mobile applications for all operating systems

United Web Host Group offers its customers mobile application services for all disciplines because they have a big role in achieving more profits and reach the largest segment of the public and followers, especially nowadays because of the increase of mobile users in the world, we have sufficient experience in reaching your customers through these applications Where we can design and develop mobile applications for all operating systems in line with your ideas and make more profits for your company or organization, mobile applications are able to open new markets to communicate with customers around the world, which ensures that you outperform your competitors and Jazz a lot of business.

Mobile App Services:

– Design and programming of iPhone applications (I Phone Applications).

– Design and programming applications android (Android Applications).

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Mobile applications

Official institution

Has been working in the field of websites since 2007 and is providing the latest technologies in the provision of... more

Experience in work

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After sales service

Full attention to our customers in all the services and technical support throughout the year and the speed of responses... more

Safety and stability

One of the most important features of the technical support team available to the customer around the clock and work... more

Safety and stability

Competitive prices

The most important characteristic of us is the prices that are proportionate to our valued customers and we always seek... more

Sustainable development

Our main objective is to develop the full service and develop continuously to reach the satisfaction of our valued customers.... more

Permanent consultations

The company provides a full team in the consultation with the client in all services in terms of choosing the... more

Unlimited services

The company has no limits in creativity, but always the company is the client interface in all its requirements and... more

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Why should I design a mobile app for my site??

The application of the mobile phone contributes significantly to the marketing process where the user can open this application 24... more

What is the application and what is its usefulness??

Mobile application is a mobile device that appears in the form of an icon on the mobile device and placed... more

Is the company’s activity official, how do we check it out ??

The company is registered and operates officially and our headquarters are Turkey – Istanbul and the transfer is done through... more

Why is United Web Host the best choice??

United Web Host Group is one of the best companies in the design of websites in terms of ease and... more

Do you have a site compatibility feature with smartphones or laptops??

Yes, we have provided this feature in your site to suit all mobile or smart phones without the need for... more

What are the real guarantees of continuity of service??

There is no need to worry about the security of your data, We have the necessary capabilities to protect your... more

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