Graphics and logos All your needs for dynamic content and visual vision interactive graphics and animation designs and production of three dimensions.

Graphics and logos

Graphics and logos are the most important requirements for your project or product, interact with your audience with live designs and make your content more interactive with your brand’s more realistic design with animation services and 3D graphic designs that distinguish you from other global companies now.

United Web Host Group is pleased to offer its clients a simple logo that reflects the nature of your activity and a wonderful design, taking into account the choice of colors consistent in design, which gives a distinctive character and thus established in the mind of your customers and anyone who sees this logo mentions your brand.

Logo types:

• A written logo: meaning that it does not have a code or a name like Facebook logo.
• A symbolic slogan: which does not have a line, but consists of symbols and graphics such as Apple logo.
• Composite logo: any consisting of a line and a code together like the Kentucky logo.

Elements of the success of the logo:

* The logo should be simple.
* Be easy to remember easily.
* Be easy to trade.
* Take into account the appropriate line and distinctive and readable logo.
* Do not repeat the logo or quote
* The meaning of the logo.
* Consistent color consistency when designing the logo.

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